AAnd so the adventure begins..

When we bought this house in 2008, it came with 180' gravel drive way.

Having a 9 horse snow blower already, I figured it would be easy work for it to keep cleared. And for the most part, it was.. Winter 2008 wasn't so bad.. a few storms with 6 trips to clear the driveway (3 down, 3 up). of course there's the concrete pad in front of the 3 car garage, 2 pads outside the rear of the house and a path to the garage from the house.

Winter 2009 was a different story. It snowed. Then it snowed some more, only to snow some more. There's a fine balancing act using a snow blower on loose gravel. I pitched many many gravel rocks and broke quite a few shear pins on the snow blower.

On one of my trips down the driveway, I looked across the street at my neighbors garage and saw what appeared to be an old Jeep CJ partially tucked away in one corner of his drive. hmmmmm.. strange I hadn't noticed that before.

A month or so later, I saw him outside. So I ventured across the street to ask about the Jeep. He said it actually hadn't been there all the time I'd been throwing rocks around the neighborhood, and that it had been in storage for the past 15 years, but the storage garage was closing and he'd had it towed to his house. "So is it for sale?" I asked. He replied that the guy that had flat bedded it there offered him $500 as it sat (with a seized engine)..

Now, after the last 3 storms when I had first noticed it, I had already thought how cool it would be to simply mount a plow to it and plow all he stuff I have been snow blowing.. So I said well, can I buy it? He said he had to check with his brother who the title was actually assigned to.

A few weeks later, I saw my neighbor again and asked if he'd checked with his brother and told him the guy across the street (me) wanted to buy it. Well, doncha just know the brother was actually pulling it out the next day and he's going to rebuild the engine.... really..

So I watched the brother tow it away that Saturday, but, I now had a plan.. find an affordable Jeep CJ with a plow.

Back when I was 17, my buddy and I worked for Nekoroski Landscaping back in Swampscott Maasachusetts. Danny's crew rode around in the 50's Jeep pick up and I had the Willys CJ and trailer. And during the winter back there, Danny plowed with the pickup and I plowed with the CJ. So my plan wasn't a flight of fancy, it was based on experience.

Some memories are forever.

So, if anyone has a red Willys CJ / metal top with "Grass 69" hand painted like a dealer plaque on the tail gate.. you have "my" old Willys. I wish I had a picture ofit, but I have a picture in my minds eye.

So that's how this adventure took root.. and here we are..

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