goodbye scary steery....

One of the scary things about this Jeep has been the tilt steering column slopiness. Even in locked position it had 3-5 inches of play up and down and 1 - 2 inches left to right, so it had to go..

'got this column off the wranglerforum website for $75. No tilt, non auto but I have suspicion that the scary one wasnt stock either as it has a cruise control but no cruise is undet the hood.


In fact, after tearing through the 1991 Jeep factory maintenance manual (99 cents, ebay), there is no circuit for cruise listed in a Wrangler..

Another one person job, this started chewing hours away when it wouldn't start after installation. I got bogged down thinking the wiring was the culprit but in the end it was broken corroded connections on the battery and starter requiring a new battery cable, I'll be replacing the starter as well as that has Titanic typre rust

The difference between the 'new' column electrical accessory plug ....

and the exiting one with non functional cruise control cable on right end (grey)

this excercise revealed a21 year old corroded starter connection that fell off in my hand, so new starter and positive cable and the Jeep starts right up and sounds electrically healthy now. Funny how one thing leads to another... Thanks to Advance Auto for yet another $50 off coupon. Made the starter and cable come in under $68 combined.

oil pan replacement (click the pic)