Installing a used B&M Star Shifter...

The fucked up steering column with no shift location indicator.. Now there's a good excuse to drop a col floor shifter in the Jeep. I had originally bought a use shifter off eBay for the '81 Corvette before I decided to change THAT over to a 4 speed. The Wrangler has this HUGE opening panel in the floor for the transfer case. So this was pretty simple for one person with all the stuff accessible from the top.

Add to that that the neutral shift and backup light controls are already wired into the transmission, that also eliminated 2 other time consuming issues.


People wonder why I carry so much crap through life, but the spacers I used to level the shifter on the not so flat Wrangler floor board were cut from an alternator spacer from my 1964 1/2 Barracuda (like, that was 1971). Simple measurements, a 30 year old hacksaw and my fathers vice later, and viola! Solidly mounted and bolted from the bottom through to into the passenger area, all done from the top. This Jeep mod was mostly for the cool factor.

A little trimming with the dremel and it fits quite snuggly.

Even though most of the screws that hold the metal plate to the black plastic based are stripped, you can't tell. It also means I can swap out that fucked up steering column..

on to the steering column replacement