Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Shocks and Shackles actually...

The Jeep was used for plowing by a contractor before I bought it and was sadly neglected in many major areas. The shocks were completely worn out and the ride was bouncy bouncy. The brake calipers were stuck and one side didn't work at all, while the other side didn't release, so after 10 miles of driving, there was a smokey smell from the dragging brake. Add to that the 2 inch lift shackles and the ride was a bit .. umm.. scary to say the least..

So back to Advance Auto on line and a great 20% discount yielded rebuilt calipers for $30 each after core exchange. The rotors and brake pads came from a Canadian ebay seller for $85 shipped. The shocks were $80 for all four. All paid with paypal money from selling off some model car kits. So it's not free money as I bought the model kits for my own collection, but I needed to get this fixed more than I needed to build a half a dozen models.


While I was "in there", I also replaced the Superlift shackles with used stock ones, again from ebay ($25/4 free shipping). I'll sell the lift shackles and that should actually make the shackles "free"..

See the deep grooves.. from the frozen phenolic (plastic) pistoned caliper. The rebuilt ones have steel pistons.

To say the ride is much better is an understatement. The bouncy bouncy is gone, the 35 mph vibration is gone also now that the drive shaft is back in the trans where it was intended to be when built. I havea feeling the leak from the front drive shaft yoke will also disappear, but time will tell.

Rear ride height with the Superlift shackles and bad shocks...

I should take a picture of the new pan while it's still all nice and clean