and so it begins....

The winter of 2011 was unseasonably warm, and the plow only got 2 uses. But that may have been more of a blessing as the oil pan developed a somewhat agressive leak at the front of the sump. Probably a rock shot up as it was the first time I've ever seen a leak not associated to a bottom hit or failed gasket. So up she goes..

This may look like a drip from the drain plug but in fact, its leaking from the front of the pump well


The pan had been there for 21 years, and with all that room the Wrangler gives you to work with, it came off pretty easily once I got the air chisel out. That was a real time and arm strength saver. Bottom end of the AMC 6 looks real good and clean for 125,000 miles..

So enter Advance Auto with a replacement oil pan IN STOCK at my local store that just opened a few months ago. Add to that, that I was able to pay on line using Paypal and a 50% promotional discount, and I scored this and the Fel-Pro gasket for under $70. This was a great break that really hit at the right time as I am currently collecting unemployment benefits that barely cover the rent and utilities.

The pan and gasket fit perfectly! Advance Auto is now my new favorite place for parts. .

I should take a picture of the new pan while it's still all nice and clean

and on to the brakes....